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Thursday, April 13, 2006

From the Misty Highlands and Islands to the shores of the Americas!

The Scottish Deerhound has travelled a long way, and at sometime during, or following and probably before the 'Pacification of the Scots' (or as it is known in Scotland the 'Highland Clearances') some Deerhounds sailed with their Heiland owners o'er the michty Atlantic to the Americas as well as o'er the North Sea to Europe and Scandinavia.

Anyway, we Scottish deerhounds still take pride o place and are admired among many of the travelled, ex-pat, exilled Scots families on other continents and in other countries. And from the United States come these little Scottish Deerhound items . . . A Scottish Deerhound Calendar and a Leash or Key Rack available from

Wonder if they’ll want any pictures of me for the 2007 calendar?


Blogger Angus & Isla said...


Just a quick note to say we got your comments passed on to our site all well and fine...thank you.
We also have taken note that Rogue has the same problem as us with camera folksies getting in the way when having a leisurely gallop. See our latest blog..


9:19 pm  

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