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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hilton of Cadboll Pictish Stone

If you have a keen appreciation for deerhounds and all things deerhound, you will no doubt be aware of the Pictish Stone of Hilton featuring hounds at the hunt.

This can be found in several books as reference to deerhounds in a historical context.

The original is now housed many miles from its home in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, making it more accesible to lowlanders and non Highland visitors.

Deerhound fans should visit both the original carving in the museum and more so, the Highlands from which it originated.

With my keepers family and relations being from (and many still reside in) the region of the original home of the stone. Plus, you may recall if you follow my blog, Rogue here was born up that neck of the woods or should it be that side o the glen?

We thought it’d be nice to let people know of the new ‘standing stane’ which was put in place in honour and respect for the original.

You can find a brief history of the stone and details of the sculptor and artist plus some interesting Pictish links if you visit this website.

Hilton Of Cadboll



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