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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Mightiest Heart

With Christmas coming-up, and the season of good will and all that - the human religions being something, as a dog, I don’t quite understand - although I do understand the spreading of joy, humanity and happiness - so if you are looking for a gift to offer this festive period, a copy of the Mightiest Heart would not go a miss for lovers of grey, shaggy coated ancient hounds.

Based on the tale of Gelert (posted before), the hound of Prince Llywelyn, this US produced ‘Dial book for young readers’ is Authored by Lynn Cullen and lavishly illustrated by Laurel Long (see images below (to sleek for a wolfhound, to heavy for a deerhound)) is a must for any chrimbo stocking.

No longer available in print, all ye ebayers should get busy immediately. Just like deerhounds on the hunt, ‘seek and ye shall find’.



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