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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Deerhounds are Great !

Having celebrated another great Scottish Hogmanay having partied all night enjoying a few Pints o Deuchars IPA, a few wee drams and successfuly surviving the noise of firework explosions plus an overdose on blackbun, I awake to wish the world Happy New Year 2008!

Too start the year, here’s a wee treat from my christmas collection for deerhounds. Excerpted from How we Built Britain with David Dimbleby this documentary features a series of programmes on the Architecture and History of Britain (although on a historic note Scottish Deerhounds will know it’s actually James VI for us and not the Ist, as reffered to by David in the programme - yes, all very complicated we know).

In the clip below, the Deerhound Club humans are featured in fancy dress at the Lodge Park, Gloucestershire’s annual lure coursing event. However, it is unlikely to have been deerhounds as we know them today that were used in the era of King James VI at the deer coursing event. Some reference has been made to Talbots (see the picture) being the choice of dog that was used for this event, paintings of the period may indicate greyhounds by appearance. It’s likely tho, that King James would be well aware of the experience of Deerhounds and judging by the tale within the video, capable of behaving like them.

The programme is beautifully shot and an excellent insight into many of Britains buildings. The six episodes cover a wide range of interesting structures and the historic tales surrounding them. If you are interested in the full series it is available from many outlets follow this link for an example of where to order. The Rogue recommends it.

And again – Happy New Year Everyone, we hope you continue to visit us here throughout the coming year.


Blogger Loragene said...

Hi Rogue,
Happy New Year to you! Loved the vid, are you one of the Hounds in the hunt?
From your IW Friends in B.C.,Canada,
Seamus, Ceilidh & Kiloran and Mum Loragene

6:41 pm  
Blogger abetterbiscuit said...

fabulous bit of history! Thanks so much for the video. How does one get invited to participate in the annual hunt and when is it held?

I'm going to take your word on the Blackbun and try it myself. Anything that must be tasted with a few wee drams can't be all bad.

Happy 2008 to you too, Rogue!

4:10 am  

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