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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Forest Sketches

The joy of being a Scottish deerhound in Scotland in the midst of this current global economic meltdown, is that; all the money in the world doesn’t buy the beauty of the Highlands, nor the life in it. Nor does anyone outlive this land long enough to own it forever.

Monies come - monies go - careers appear and disappear, the human race changes with every shot of the starter pistol, but we deerhounds just go on doing what we always have done, and always will do . . . hunting the hart.

And where else does one hunt for deerhound histories other than Rogues blog (write and tell us)?

And if you wish to read of the Scottish Highland Hounds from two hundred years ago (the Napoleonic period) click on the Title of the book listed below for a free pdf download of this book.

The excellent sketches featured as part of this post are a selection from several contained within the pdf download. But be patient as this is an 8.5mb download and the document has three hundred plus pages included in the book and it may take some time to download dependent upon your connection speed.

Enjoy . . .

Forest Sketches: Deer-stalking and Other Sports in the Highlands Fifty Years Ago
By William Robertson
Published by Edmonston and Douglas, 1865
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Nov 26, 2007
352 pages


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