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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Deerhounds in the Mist

Scotlands hillsides, winter, it’s no place for ‘softies’!

Braving the Highland sub-zero conditions, a handful of the hardcore hounds and some human companions, set off once more to ‘Fire (more like ice) Hill for a spot of winter lure coursing. And as Marjorie commented ‘ . .. forget your Gorillas in the Mist - we have deerhounds in the mist’.

Little need be said about the event except a great time was had by all and we reckon to be thawed out by the next meeting in Springtime 2009. Enjoy the photographs below.

Keep it here for details of the 2009 events and we hope to see all our regular friends, more deerhounds and new coursers in the near future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant photographs, Ricky. I was so cheesed off that I couldn't be there, but no point risking icy roads with potentially dodgy brakes. Car goes in for further surgery today - hope it's not going to be too expensive.

Sid in chilly East Lothian

6:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog
Poor sid hope her car gets well soon

11:58 pm  

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