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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flora MacDonald with Deerhounds

This video clip depicts Flora MacDonald upon her arrival in the Isle of Skye whilst assisting Bonnie Prince Charlie in Flight. The movie featuring David Niven as the Prince and Margaret Leighton as Flora is the 1948 London Films poduction Bonnie Prince Charlie Follow the links to find out the history of the events and details of the movie . . . for that’s not what concerns us here.

Is this a depiction of Hanoverian greyhounds or Scottish Deerhounds of the 1745/46 period charging past Flora in the movie excerpt above? If so, it’s a great piece of movie Art Direction, especially when we consider William Barnaud’s exquisite Dreaming of the Chase, Scottish Deerhounds (below) an artwork from within a century of the period. The hounds matching the colourings and coat of this painting. Colours that would be nice to see returned to the Scottish deerhound.

Also in the above video clip, the scene featuring Flora entering the castle - is that a wolfhound cross mastiff we see affront the fireplace?

I reckon that the hounds in these scenes may not have been considered to be as historically accurate as they infact, may well be. And it’s possible they were included simply as added action to the frame.

And with that thought, 10 out of 10 for hound placement . . . the rest of the movie, watch, enjoy and gather your own opinion.


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