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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deerhound Parade of Champions

I seem to have misplaced my breed standard guidelines but thought it would be fun to display this little image from the recent Deerhound Breedshow Parade of Champions.

If we look closely, it’s apparent that all on display are quite different - the coat colours, the posture, girth of chest and loin. Some may be more athletic than others and I wonder how many could run down a deer under their own steam, or sleep out in a misty highland glen of a spring evening.

Then there’s the temperament, are they all blessed with the good old Scottish traits for hospitality, dignity and strength and still capable of retaining humility and compassion. Unfortunately photographs do not capture all these elements . . . or should that be fortunately? . . . as some have bad habits, some quiet - others noisy, we have the cheeky wee chaps as well as the polite but these are all things that make up the wonder of the breed show.

Now, if I could only find their breed standards guidelines sheet, . . . ahh! But enough talk of the human types for now.

I will say this, that as usual, the hounds at the show did look good.

Oh! and don’t forget to enjoy the Festival of Bealltainn!


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