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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rogues very own book ?

Well here’s a little piece of deerhound in print that may just have passed you by. And what’s more, the title is in-keeping with your bloghost in name and attitude. Yes, Rogue! . . . ‘Rogues and Running Dogs’ an insight into the not so pedigree world of Lurchers - with a whole chapter (12) on Deerhound Lurchers. Written by David Brian Plummer and first published in 1976 - this book has recently been re-published by COCH-Y-BONDDU books and is available at good bookstores and webstores. If you would like a quick read through follow the title link above to a Google Books edition for an overview - or visit the publisher for a whole series of country interest books,



Anonymous Sid said...

Gosh, does that make my first edition worth money? I met Brian Plummer at the Caley dog show donkey's years ago. He seemed ill at ease, poor man.

4:55 pm  

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