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Monday, July 18, 2011

British Pathé Deer Hounds

A few months back I was searching on the British Pathé Movie archive for any possible historic deerhound footage but to no avail. Well, in the way of the workings of the wonderful wide web, the site administrators keep their eye on the search criteria and have obviously decided to upload this marvelous little historic ditty, perhaps finding my search request.

Miss Richmond and her Scottish Deerhound kennels.

I know the blog postings of late have been a little bit video-centric but this is because the medium suits. As the newsreel says - the dog of the old Scottish chieftans is coming back to favour.

Just click on the image below and enjoy.

Scottish Deerhounds


Anonymous Loragene said...

..Fastastic Film Rascal, Thankyou..

8:25 am  

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