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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ghost Hunting Deerhounds at Kinneil House

Deerhounds on high alert and on the lookout for the  ghost of Lady Alice Lilbourne - The White Lady of Kinneil. She was the wife of General Lilbourne - Oliver Cromwell's chief policer of Scotland during the English Civil War.

Apparently she didn't like the posting to Scotland and  her marriage was not a happy one so her husband locked her in the attic.  She soon put paid to the unhappiness and launched herself from the top floor into the ravine behind the house. Haunting the house and surrounding woodland ever since.

Kinneil Estate offers up 2000 years of history including Antonine's Wall, Medieval Church, Attrocities of the 45, James Watt's workshop and a whole load of other interesting stuff. Visit Kinneil House here, here and here.


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