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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Auld Alliance!

Well, I don’t know who knows their history - but us deerhounds certainly know our heritage and whilst written history oft portrays the fancy of the victor of conflict, or payed scribe, or whit ever you humans want to call it . . . folklore tells tale, probably nearer the truth.

And that's what us deerhounds are . . . a nature unto oorsel’s.

But years ago Scotland and France were allies and shared much o the same social activities and interests. Infact auld Mary Queen o Scots kept deerhounds in abundance at Linlithgow Palace and French aquaintance. Bonnie Prince Charlie anither pal o the French shared certain pursuits with the French.

Anywa’ This braw sideboard featuring us deerhounds at work came frae a French Hoose and can be found in The Louvre . . . I won’t go into detail about it save to say look at the detail and relief carvings around it. I wid love to get my teeth into the wood on that. I say furniture is never finnished until deerhounds cut their teeth on it.

The Louvre is a big place and loads of deerhounds exist on many works of art in this place . . . visit and discover a world of appreciation for yourself.


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