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Monday, October 02, 2006

Robin Hood and Deerhounds

Here is an interesting clip - I’m sure there’s not a deerhound out there who hasn’t watched this little scene.

A question. How did that young lad ever manage to outrun deerhounds?, this is surely a secret only superman would know.

From the Robin of Sherwood movie starring Kevin Costner this segment was filmed at the famous Hadrians Wall.

The wall constructed to keep the marauding blue ‘Pechti’ from setting about the Roman Legionaires some centuries before, and we know the Picts as recorded by the Romans brought their hounds into battle with them - but this is another story.

Back to good old Robin Hood - Outlaw in a fight against poverty - he would be as much at home in the world today as he was of his period. Click the link to find out more about this figure of folklore and enjoy the movie excerpt above.

Great grey gazehoundes do your stuff!


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