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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spacedog Rogue

. . . so I decided to remove my bandage myself . . . and before it was off . . . what do you know, I was back at the Veterinary Surgery being fitted for a spacehelmet.

Hope they don’t blast me into space next . . . eeeeps! Deerhounds in space anyone?

I know dogs have already won the race into space and if we are to believe man stepped on the moon, the Scots have won that race also.

Having had an Armstrong as the first on the moon, then a Bean of the McBeans on the next mission, who even had his clan Tartan along with him and a Gordon piloted the mission command module. Then a Scott landed a couple of missions later. With a round of Golf played in between by messrs Shepard.

Jings! Half of the Scottish Population have been tae the moon ! Do you think it could be Scottish hounds next?


Anonymous Braedie in Kentucky, US said...

Rogue: I, too, am a Deerhound, but I live in the US in the state of Kentucky where we don't have much of the fine Scottish weather you do. My Mum was very interested in your blog. If she was more versed in the computer I would have one. We like your information on the history of Deerhounds. Keep up the good work. Braedie.

4:35 am  

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