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Monday, December 11, 2006

Build Your Own Deerhound

This has to be the maddest of ideas. But it could be a lot of fun for dog loving humans.

A book filled with paterns for making your very own fleece dog, and you can even use the hair from your family deerhound or hounds to make them. Simply collect the brush hair and follow the instructions.

The book is available from several outlets and at good bookstores and the usual online shops. There is also a website for fleecedog simply click the link to view it.

The book includes a multitude of pattern styles, the afghan pattern being adaptable to suit deerhounds, borzois, wolfhounds etc. And there is no limit to the size you make your fleecedog.

Another ideal stocking filler this festive season.

And whilst you are busy making your fleecedog - I’ll just polish of the turkey leftovers.



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