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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scottish Deerhounds at Holyrood

Although I’m quite sure this shot was not taken at Holyrood in Edinburgh - home to the Queens Official Residence whilst in the City and location of the devolved Scottish Parliament - I feel it may be, what I as a deerhound would rather have at the location of Holyrood.

The photograph comes from the Hounds of Hollyrood Kennels website (visit and browse), located in Kampaloops, British Columbia, Canada. That’s Hollyrood with a double El.

I cannot vouch for this kennel still being active as their webpage has not been updated for some time. It is also possible the image may have come from Australia as other images on their fun page feature deerhounds in pursuit of a Kangaroo. A rather large rodent not indigenous to Canada.

One thing I do believe is that the shot captures the grace, power and hunting reality that many with deerhounds may never witness during their ownership of the hounds. And although we are not Foxhounds as such - Hey! when the chase is on, who knows what we may pursue?

Infact over the last two evenings during my midnight walk, I myself, inadvertantly discovered a fox coven and set off in pursuit of the sly old creature whilst it was out for a quick supper take-away - haven’t caught one as yet and perhaps I don’t really want to because the chase as all hounds know is the fun part. My human companion may beg to differ on this as he ends up calling and searching as I devilishly take forever to return from the dark of night.

A nice image from Hollyrood Kennel



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the kennel is still active, just a new litter of pups, the pic with the fox was taken in Australia( Nelungaloo deerhounds) and the double "l" in Hollyrood is, because the kennel club wanted a certain numbers of letters or something similar- as the breeder is from Scotland she does know how it is spelled correctly.....

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