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Monday, April 16, 2007

A letter from the relatives

One week ago I received this communicae from Aunt Betty and Aunt Flora from Argyll containing some mixed news. It’s not often deerhounds get the opportunity to sit at the typewritter and send letters to the family, this I do know. All to often we hounds are otherwise engaged in sleeping, eating, walking or the chasing pursuits.

It was wonderful to receive the letter, the sad news aside, and I really must find more time to visit my kin around the country.

Also included in the package were two rather marvelous paintings featuring members of the family. Much to my annoyance tho’, the foolish ‘posty’ bent the envelope and in doing so scored the paintings whilst forcing them through the letterbox. Thankfully, after pressing them between two rather heavy books, we have managed to remove most of the creasing. Click on the images for a closer view.

In family picture 1 we have from left to right: Grandma Agatha with Gt. Gt. Grandma Alice standing behind, Aunt Betty walking and in the foreground Uncle Higgins carrying the bag alongside Gt Grandma Mory.

In family picture 2, again from left to right: Grandma Agatha in the foreground with Aunt Flora standing behind, Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandma Berta taking her bath for show day and dear Aunt Betty who posted these portraits standing to her left.

And finally, like correspondence from all good Aunts - I could only expect a ‘ticking off’ for my Highland ‘Rogue’ moniker. Still, I hope it’s what makes the rogue so lovable.

Anyone wishing to purchase quality prints of the above paintings (as Aunt Betty still has limited copies in her kennel) leave a comment and I can forward the details to my deerhound family in Argyll who may then contact you by return.


Blogger Having a Knit Fitt said...

Deer Rogue,
That is sad news indeed. I, myself, am an orphan so feel much sympathy with you.

3:29 am  

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