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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sauce for the weekend

We have brought you suggestion for the prize of a ‘guid’ days work by the Scottish deerhound in previous posts and today we’ve got a wee something for the weekend. When you’ve roasted that fine venison and served it to the plate - what sauce?

From Meg Dods’s Recipes comes ’Venison Sauces’.

Venison may have a sweet, sharp or a savoury sauce.

Sharp sauce. – A quarter-pound of the best loaf-sugar, or white-candy sugar, disolved in a half-pint of Champagne vinegar, and carefully skimmed.
Sweet sauce. – Melt some white or red currant jelly with a glass of white or red wine, which ever suits best in colour; or serve jelly unmelted in a small sweetmeat-glass. This sauce answers well for hare, fawn, or kid, and for roast mutton to many tastes.
Gravy for venison. – Make a pint of gravy of trimmings of venison or shanks of mutton thus: boil the meat on a quick fire until it is browned, then stew it slowly. Skim, strain, and serve the gravy it yields, adding salt and a teaspoonful of walnut pickle.

And there you have it, more delightful old-time food recipes from the Scots Kitchen for deerhound owners to up and tackle.

If we are to bring home the game, it’s up to our humans to ‘hot the pot’.


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