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Monday, July 09, 2007

Deerhounds: what the judges see

I thought I’d upload this little cigarette card of a DEERHOUND (?). For both, enjoying pleasure from the existence of this card and having fun, for the simple reason, that my human companions (whom have enjoyed several dog shows,) now realise where some of the Judges have lifted reference for what they consider are good Deerhounds.

Do not get me wrong, as a deerhound, there are no deerhounds I dislike. And likewise, I am aware that not all judges share breed standard tastes. But it would prove a lot more interesting if the judge were only to be permited to view the dog as a numbered entrant with a non descript handler and no knowledge of ownership or kennel source. That way it would be easier for us hounds to judge the human as fair in decision making or gage their guess work effort in identifying the hound, ha! ha!

Dog shows . . . just another part in the colourful Deerhounds world.

Anyway, enjoy the image below and use it as your judging guide or alternatively judge on your true feeling and be prepared to give your reasons for selection - especially when we are about, because we think it would be nice to publish the judges thoughts and reasons on this blog, so we hounds can reverse the judging roll and mark the judges on a best of show basis, perhaps even award them a RogueStar trophy.

Hopefully this week we shall upload an Alva, Clackmannanshire Short Dog Show video. Featuring the fantastic Scottish mountain backdrop (the Ochil Hills), a magnificent location for a Scottish Deerhound show. Don’t know where Alva is? Click the wiki link.


Blogger Grey House said...

I was so tempted to buy these off the streets in Camden Market when I was visiting London. Looks like I can just print them!

NB- "Sirius Black" in the new Harry Potter movie is played by a deerhound!

Love this blog. Very authentic!

6:22 pm  

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