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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Deerhound Art

Just a quick li’l post thanking deerhound family around the globe for posting enquires as to where some of the locations, images and artworks can be found.

The image below and the image from the previous post are available from Corsini - simply click the link. They have a variety of deerhound artworks and sculpture which can be found through their index. Why not pay them a visit?

Eventually I will get around to including a ‘Links’ column in this blog, which I promised to do some time ago. The Rogue will link to any site that chooses to link to this blog - and as I have no commercial affiliation, I will be free to indulge in my usual Scottish hound enlightenment.

And in an enlightening mode, it’s interesting to observe in the ‘Deerhound by Gill Evans’ painting below, one of the most famous and picturesque of Scottish Castles: Eilean Donan. Used in many movies and featured on an abundance of Scottish product packaging, find out more about the castle by following the link or even better visit the highlands and drop in personally. Now I wonder if the subject was painted on location and which member of our family this hound is?


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