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Friday, October 05, 2007

Pewter dogs

Interested in an alternative belt buckle, or a pendant, perhaps a brooch or badge, all featuring your favourite hounds. Visit the works of Cindy A Conter where you can purchase examples of her pewter-wares. Click on the Scottish Deerhound section here to view examples of her works and don’t forget to browse through the other canine companions whilst you are visiting. There are some nice works of art of various hounds to be had.

And if that’s not enough - Check out Paul Hersey’s organic armour. Thanks to Sid and our friends at Lyart for suggesting this (and like our friends at Lyart, we are curious to know the costs for a full armour outfit to suit deerhounds). In the meantime, I’ve ordered some Bustiers for the warrior ladies I am aquainted with.


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