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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a day in History !

Here at Rogue ranch it’s 3 Leo’s and a Sagittarian so it’s Birthdays galore in August - no wonder there’s a fight for creative attention.

So what in the world of Deerhound History happened on 22nd of August?

Well, interestingly, in the year 565 on this day, the traveling St Columba whilst visiting Loch Ness, reported seeing a Monster in the Loch and everyone has been looking for it ever since. I myself rekon it was no more than a couple of deerhounds having a time of the day bathe, but we don’t want to ruin the legend.

Also, interestingly on this date was the Battle of the Standard fought between England and Scotland in the year 1138. Scotland didn’t fare to well on this occasion - King David I eventually resigning himself to settle back to Carlisle. We do know that the Normans who had settled the upper area of what was the England of this period had brought specific ‘hunting hound’ handling teams with them from France which possibly contributed to the development of the greyhounds we know today - but I’ll reserve a bit about this and Scottish Border history for another deerhound day which will sure interest deerhounds the world over.

In the meantime - Happy Birthday Ricky!


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