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Friday, February 22, 2008

Deerhound Blogs

Recently a friend was commenting to the effect that blogs are nothing more than collections of what people think should be posted on the web (and usually culled from other websites). I thought to myself - isn’t that what near everything on the web is ?

Then I considered my own blog. Yes, I’m a dog and this is a collection of what I think should be posted on the web, but this includes events that I have been participating in, artwork I appreciate and have collected, tales and histories I have discovered from various source, videos I have recorded and the list goes on.

This lead me to discover this, Dogs with Blogs. Follow the link and discover that not only people are publishing to the bloggosphere but we canines are a plenty.

Perhaps you are here and have dropped in on my blog - drop me a comment and let me know.


Anonymous Mysdeerie said...

Rogue my friend, I do visit other blogs, some can be preachy, some informative but very few are informative, entertaining, fun, and as varied as yours. Keep up the good dog work. We miss it when you're not there. Cheers Cailean Adair of Druimhaven 11 months old Deerhound fan of Rogue

3:07 am  
Blogger Loragene said...

Paws Up, Waaay Up Rogue! Your blog is always 'Best of Breed', everytime, all the time. We love all the facinating Deerhound history and lore that you 'Hunt down'!
Your IW pals in Canada
Seamus, Ceilidh & Kiloran and our Mom too!

4:30 pm  

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