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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What? A deerhound locked out of blogger?

Well that’s a bit of a ‘Blogger’ - it appears that someone has taken umbridge at the Rogues blogspot and reported it to blogger as a ‘spam’ site.

Having keen hound sense and a close family of web-hounds, plus being armed with google analytics, we know who, where and when this report came from - very sad! But unfortunately, folks probably won’t get to read this post before the event we are blogging on, or who knows - if ever?

This weekend - Saturday the 12th of April 2008 will find deerhounds a-plenty in the raiding-lands of the Scottish Borders at the Border Union Hound Show of Scotland - click the link for further details.

And in the meantime - enjoy a Hei’land car park technology troubleshooting session . . . we are not spam - we chase it!


Blogger Loragene said...

You're Back, we've really missed you! So glad that Good has once again prevailed over the opposite and the Bad Guys have been caught and the Handsome Deerhound runs off into the sunset...!

Loved your new videos, have a wonderful time at the show this weekend, please tell us all about your adventures there.
Your Wolfie Pals in Canada..
Seamus, Ceilidh & Kiloran (who flushed out the first bears of the season yesterday, a Momma and her three Cubs!)

4:01 pm  
Anonymous Teratyke said...

What a dirty trick. Sour grapes I assume? I presume though that have the good sense to verify claims like these manually..

3:49 pm  

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