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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lonely little pup in a christmas shop ?

If you were looking for a deerhound - Scottish born and bred - to start your new year - there are no shortage of pups available from around central Scotland right now.

See the video above for Gentiehund pups and a the Don’t believe you can’t buy happiness post for the video of the Dorrator pups and you can also visit the Cusidh kennel webpage to view Cusidh pups - these are just a few of the kennels that have deerhounds that need loving, caring homes in the coming years.

And Rogue can let you know, that he will not advise a preference to which breeder - only that all these little hounds will return all the affection afforded them and even help you catch meat for the table in the financially hard times - who needs supermarkets?

Now what better reason to share your household with us than that?


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