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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deerhound Newsletters

The Summer Newsletters of the US Scottish Deerhound Club and UK Deerhound Club are now available.

You may have noticed the absence of ‘Oor Rogue’ in the UK magazine - allegedly there was some grumblings within the club about it featuring Rogues blog ‘URL’ or something or other - who knows if this claim were a nonsense or not? We heard it at the breed show.

Not to worry. Folks grumbling about such petty things are not worthy of sharing a walk with a Deerhound, never mind a home - so we will publish ‘Oor Rogues’ photo strip adventures to the blog in future for all our worldwide followers to enjoy.

Keep enjoying the Deerhound club Newsletters and websites tho, and we are happy to contribute to them when they are happy to publish anything we do. It was grand doing the pics for the breedshow at Dunblane Hydro earlier this year and you can enjoy many of them in the Summer 2009 UK newsletter along with many other fine articles and images.



Blogger marc said...

“not to worry” is right Rogue!
Your blog is fantastic in it’s devotion, diversity and sense of fun.
There is nothing out there on the net close to it for a deerhound owner.
I’ve looked forward to your posts long before I imported my deerhound
into New Zealand about 2 years ago. All your articles encouraged me
and now I have my DH girl I can understand your passion.
Having predominantly Scottish immigrants in the 19 century NZ hade a lot of deerhounds at one stage.
In fact I work about 1/2 a mile from a colonial fort in whish archaeologists found the skeleton of a
Deerhound, it makes sense since the regiment there was also Scottish.
Apparently the book “Scottish Deerhounds and their masters” was paid for by subscription by Christchurch and Dunedin enthusiasts.

Over the last 20 years deerhounds seemed to have died out here, although lots of people have fond memories of them.
Only one lady (Marie), in the “very Scottish” far South Island had a female when I decided to buy one and she wasn’t
sure she wanted to breed from her.
So I got mine from a kennel in Australia that hunts Kangaroo and wins prizes at the Victorian deerhound club.

Since then Marie’s girl has had one litter, and someone has imported a dog...strangely from the same litter as my DH.
Anyway Rogue, I’m determined that deerhounds will re-establish themselves here. I’m hoping someway to have a litter in the next 12 months.

Your video’s with complete with cheery reels (esp. Coming home in the dark) and stories of castles and lessons in coursing have really inspired me.
So, Thank you.

From Marc and Bronte

5:06 am  

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