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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hung or Balanced ? Deerhound or Bulldog ?

It’s funny how we here in Scotland refer to several parties working together for the good of the Scottish Nation in a parliament, as a ‘Balanced’ parliament. But the southern region within the ‘State’ of ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ refer to the London based government doing the same thing as a ‘Hung parliament’.

Hmmm? - It’s like Scottish Deerhounds and British Bulldogs - there’s no difference really?

Anyway - hope you found the deerhounds in the earlier posting - but now that a Government has been appointed and the ‘UKofGB&NI’ is going to be guided by the new ‘Coalition’ or is that the ‘Conserviberal’ Party? The game is over. But enough of this complicated and very mad/sad world of politics - all we want to know is . . . will hounds be allowed to hunt again? It’s the work we are meant to do.

In the meantime - here’s an interesting postcard, I’m sure it’s depicting what the hounds are making of all the current proceedings.


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