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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gunsmiths and Deerhound

Ho! ho! ho! here we were walking through the Edinburgh city streets today and we noticed when passing the former Dicksons Gunsmith (now the Barbour) shop, a promotional hound silhouette, cut out designed to attract the gun buying / sporting life customer.

Ironic to think that the gun was responsible for the near extinction of the Scottish Deerhound as a breed and now here’s the deerhound in a role reversal, helping to save this little sporting life gunsmith.

But shotguns will never be as stealthy, nor as good company as deerhounds tho. And remember, it’s harder to sneak up on a Scottish Deerhound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks uncommonly like a scaled down model of Ch Killoeter Onich to me. He was used in a Barbour ad campaign a few years back - he was the dashing chap wearing a Barbour scarf and posing with blondes.


6:49 am  

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