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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Friends - Deerhounds - Advertising and Controversy

In 2010 some friends informed us that they were going to be the face of a John Lewis Christmas Advertising campaign . . . and hey! We looked forward to seeing the ad.

In our home there was great excitement when the ad first appeared - Rogue and Rascal knowing they had run with Rannoch at Fire Hill - here he was - another Scottish Deerhound star of the screen.

Unfortunately the sequence was misconstrued as pet neglect and viewing the video, one can easily see why - ‘poor little hound left out in the snow at Christmas’.

It’s a pity the sequence was not better considered by the advertisers, we love deerhounds on telly, and we would have loved to have seen more of Rannoch over the festive period.

Why did they not have him by the warm fireplace with the family where he should have been at Christmas, and surely the kid could have at least hugged him when giving the present.

I know it would have been that way at his real home.


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