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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brave Scottish Deerhound

Our blog is always one to advocate the use of Scottish Deerhounds in the movies, and what better a place for them to appear than in the forthcoming Disney movie from the PIXAR studio - 'Brave'. A mature fairy tale set in Scotland about the hero finding her own path and causing chaos in the Kingdom. Hmm? Wait a minute - Scotland ? Desiring Independence ? Finding your own path ? Creating Chaos ? Is this movie really set in the 10th Century ha! ha!

Brave is to be premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this coming June. The movie is sure to be another quality entertainment from Pixar. Just follow the links above to find out more - or you can view more Brave trailers at i-tunes and include applause for the writers, animators and Pixar crew for being observant enough to include A Scottish Deerhound alongside the Clan Chief.

Gawn yersel big-man! And wee Merida anaw !


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