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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Deerhound or Duckhound?

Well I know I am supposed to chase Deer, but when the opportunity arises
. . . game, is game. So when I was out crossing the glen the other day and I came accross these ducks in a flooded field, I thought I would try and catch them.

I know Uncanny and Woody the former hounds o the house had a few adventures with flying species. When Woody startled some rabbits and set off in pursuit, a partridge took flight from the field edge and Uncanny, bringing up the rear, thought it was a flying Rabbit, turned instinctively and snatched it from flight.

Unfortunately on my Duck hunt adventure they were just out of range and I was hampered by the water.

Enjoy the video.


Blogger Dearhound said...

Hi, thanks for posting a comment in my blog. Such a great deerhoundmovie youv'e made!
May I link to your blog?

Pia in the south of Sweden

3:43 pm  

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