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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show - May 20th 2006

Today I have decided to put some family pics up on my blog. Taken yesterday at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship show, here are two of my brothers and a sister. I believe 'Hamish', that’s him in the middle, decided to give the Judge a good Highland welcome and leapt up all over him. I’m not the only ‘Rogue’ in the family it would appear.
It’s interesting to be a dog at these events watching the humans judge each other parading us deerhounds around. Some say they judge by the names of the humans, some say they judge by how well they know each other. It’s quite fun really, but for them humans . . . it’s oh so series at times. I must take my human companions along for judging. Now I wonder what they’ll make of a 10 year old girl?


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