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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Recent Contest of Wolf-Hunting -- The Rocky Mountains -- Siberian Wolf-Hounds vs. Scotch Deer-Hounds

Well believe it or not, the title of this little blog comes from the title for the fantastic illustration above. This illustration was produced for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly around 1892.

Who was Frank Leslie? Just Click onFrank Leslie for further information.

This deerhound illustration is historically quite interesting, especially when you read ‘Shag’ the ‘T C Hinkle’ book (more details of this little book soon). The tale in which a Scottish Rancher called Tom Glen is involved in a series of wolf hunting escapades, so fitting to the image above.

I wonder if the hyphenation of Scotch Deer-hound is common to the 19th Century / early 20th Century Americas?

We know there were so many Scottish exploreres, adventurers, ranchers and rogues in the Western Americas particularly following the American Civil war period. This leads to another question which has to be asked - Are these fictions designed to appeal to the Scottish emigres or based upon their lives?

Further research into deerhounds in America is underway.

Whatever the purpose - I think this is a fantastic image of a lesser represented deerhound as a wolf hunter in action. Go Buddy!


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