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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Scotland - Top of the Group of Death!

Today, Hangover Scotland for Deerhounds everywhere!

Yesterday, Scotlands Football Team as good as won the World Cup, with a fantastic victory over the Auld Alliance - France.

Scotland, as usual has the most difficult of qualifying groups for the European Championship, named the Group of Death - and today the table stands with Scotland at the Top.

Scotland 9 pts,
France 6pts,
Italy 4pts,
Lithuania 4pts,
Georgia 3pts,
Ukraine 3pts
and Faroe Islands nil pts.

We know we have it all to do, but for today, we celebrate.

And so I quench my thirst in Europes largest fresh water location - Loch Awe - to wash away the fog of last nights over indulgence, when it would almost be impossible to have not heard . . .

the singing voice of the Tartan Army Boys
and the wonderful one - nil Score
and the mighty Hampden Roar

Scotland! Scotland!


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