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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hoots Mon it’s Deerhound Puppies the Movie!

With Rogue here not feelin’ so good, I thought it time to update the movie files with new life, and so as a treat for deerhound fans - here are some 4 week olds from Dorrator and dancing to Lord Rockingham, with a guest appearance from Pumkin the Pug.

Hey! Pugs have made it onto my blog twice now - what’s going on? remember the Gladys Constance Cooper article back in July in the ‘Deerhounds and Movie Star Families’ article - I’m going to have to keep my eye on these Pugs . . . this is a deerhound blog!


Blogger Angus & Isla said...

Hiya Rogue..

Sorry we haven't been blogging for a whilst...Andy is always away in Scunthorpe with the laptop... We sorry to hear about your poorly paw, hopefully you are on the road to recovery and further adventures.

We hope to catch up with our blogging very soon.

Angus and Isla D.

8:12 pm  

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