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Monday, December 11, 2006

Deerhound Club

Well, the winter edition of the UK deerhound club newsletter has finally arrived, and yours truly appears in a photo on page 34. If you have a copy, yes, that’s me looking over my shoulder as I hurtle toward the finish line at the lure coursing this summer.

If only my paw was fully healed and I hadn’t developed this kneck pain like some kind of old arthritis - I feel I could have been out there racing again. But with the dreich Scottish weather I think I’ll content myself with resting up as much as I can.

It gives me the chance to read the newsletter from cover to cover.

If anyone reading this is not a deerhound club member whether in the UK or from any location worldwide - I would heartily recommend they contact the club and join up. The membership fee won’t break the bank balance, it may even make ‘anither gie braw gift’ for a friend. And you will receive a quarterly copy of the newsletter above.

Find the details here.

And tell them Rogue sent ya!



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