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Friday, March 09, 2007

Deerhounds at the greatest dog show on earth!

Tomorrow will see the deerhounds enter the arena at what is lauded as ‘the greatest dog show in the world’. Yes it’s Crufts weekend, so if you wish to keep up to speed on what and where the barkers and howlers are in the placings, and to discover all the news, views and fun of the fair, vist the website by clicking on the Crufts link here.

The website has a plethora (easy for deerhounds to say) of interesting little show related connect ups like - video, radio, interviews, photographs all the stuff for computer using deerhounds to enjoy.

Also . . . this year you have the chance to vote for the overall public choice of best in show - simply follow this link for full details . . .


And as a celebration of deerhound champions, here’s a little old engraving of Rona III.
This is a wonderful black-and-white antique engraving (probably a woodcut engraving) from a rare book that is over 110 years old. It depicts a Champion Scottish deerhound dog from the early 1890s named Rona III (KCSB 23,973).

We know that deerhounds do not need to be judged and are way above this ‘Darwinesque’ categorization but for the benefit of the other breeds, we participate with dignity and for the social occasion - generously reneging on the supreme champion award each year to give others a chance - ahem!



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