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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh Deer Hunting!

With the recent UK Deerhound Club Charity Calendar featuring scantily clad men and their hounds available from the Deerhound club, giving all the lady deerhound owners a thrill or perhaps a giggle or two - the Rogue thought it would be worth pointing the gents in this direction for a spot of fun.

After we hounds bring down our quarry, and the felled beast is used for the maximum of it’s providing, we are left with very little. But what of the skull and antlers ? The Trophy ? Well, the use depicted here, however bizarre it may be considered, will certainly draw the attentions of the hot blooded male . . . treat it as fun . . . although as a deerhound, I’d still rather be chasing the deer but I’m sure there are some of our gentlemen companions who wouldn’t agree in this case. Click here!



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