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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disapeared and disapearing

Having just lost this evenings complete posting thanks to Scottish Power losing the power supply in our neighbourhood (is this the start of the end to fossil fuel supplies?), I’m busy re-typing.

There’s an auld Scottish saying: ”better to say ‘here it is’ than ‘there it was’”.

Well, this image features wooly Woody the deerhound, who formerly co-habited wth the humans of my household. That is, before I came along. Sadly, he is no longer with us. Equally as sad, the meadow, for as far as the eye can see in this image, is earmarked for a massive housing expansion.

Open countryside, formerly part of the Dundas Estate, to be wiped out to provide for the benefit of the economy.

As a hound of the chase - I ask you - what madness drives these human kind to a life, where they must have several homes each, multiple empty office space, tarmac and concrete infrastructures and vacant industrial units in exchange for a ‘there it was’ dewy eyed reminisce.

Fortunately we deerhounds are above all this - but alas, we are finding ourselves suffering on behalf of that human nonsense ‘the economy’ the enemy to peace, nature and happiness in the eyes of an ancient inhabitant of Scotland.

And with the forthcomming human Political elections in Scotland on May the 3rd . . . Here’s Rogues rant to all politicians - Let’s try and have a world where, when it comes to nature and existence, we can say - ‘here it is’.


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