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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deerhounds at Alva

After spending some time editing this video earlier in the week, the houndputer decided to crash without saving my work - argh !

Well, back to the ‘begin again’ mode, and eventually getting there with what little footage we had captured from the Alva Dog Show on the 8th of July.

As mentioned in the previous Alva post, the ‘Ochil Hills’ as the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, provide a magnificent backdrop and almost natural and ideal Deerhound show location.

I will not include the further tales of hunting in these hills, collected from this show, for fear of a few of my deerhound friends and family being taken into custody (only joking) - but I must add thanks to the friends and their tales for an entertaining afternoon.

A show ALL deerhounds should attend for a hearty feeling of home and an all round fun day - ENJOY!


Blogger Loragene said...

Hi Rogue,
S, C & K here, great vid, great tunes, you're one Techno Hound! Alva looks like our kind of place too. We're off to the Gazehound show in Vancouver on Saturday, there's only one Deerhound entered, guess she'll win a first place ribbon! You should come on over and join us, that would be fun.
Bye, your IW friends in Canada,
Seamus, Ceilidh and Kiloran

3:48 pm  

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