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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Roddy Doyle’s Rover

With the book thing being the lazy hound way to blog, I thought I’d just throw this little book jacket illustration up because I like it.

The hound of Roddy Doyle’s, Giggler Treatment tale may not be a deerhound, nor a wolfhound, but there are definite celtic influences going into this little illustration, as well as the story.

A shaggy coated grey hound and a gaggle of the blue fairy folk . . . hmm . . . I wonder?

Right now, I’m ploddin’ about in the highlands and believe it or not it’s sunny. Camera in paw, I will bring you some new movie adventures soon.

Anyone interested in a deerhound day out this Sunday, 5th of August, The Scottish Pedigree Whippet Racing Club Fun Day will be taking place at Ochtertyre Road, near Stirling, Scotland. As usual you’ll find we deerhounds at the chase, so if you are a deerhound, why not come along and join the rest of us?

Thanks to Sid and all oor pals at Lyart for reminding us of this event. We’ll be there.


Anonymous Bernard said...

My name is Bernard and I'm a deerhound living in Melbourne, Australia, and I love your blog! Keep up the great work, Rogue!

9:45 am  

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