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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rob Roy and Deerhound

The enhancement of any screen actors appearance is regular work for we deerhounds. So continuing with deerhounds of the movies, this little movie was put together by Scottish director and a school associate to oor family friends Maggie and Sconey, Michael Caton-Jones. He attended high school only a few miles along the road here, so Rob Roy as movie subject matter comes as no surprise.

As a Highland Rogue masel’, I would recommend a sit doon with this movie for any deerhound interested in finding oot a wee bit about the days when our celtic ways were facing serious denegration.

Sometimes I think the deerhound history itself suffers from an attempt to remove or dissociate it from Scotland, the Gaels, Celts, Scots and Picts - but then what do you think I would know? - I’m all of the above!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Rogue

We're the folks from the States that you met in Blair Atholl--it was wonderful to meet you and we'll be checking in on you from time to time.

Best--owners of Willow (Irish Wolfhound mix) and Gwinna (Golden Retriever).

2:30 am  

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