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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deerhound Poster for the new dog toy, a Nokia 6500

Whilst strolling through the west end of the city of Edinburgh today, I happened to glance up at this 6 sheet, bus shelter, advertising poster.

It’s nice to observe an organisation like Nokia extolling the virtues of Deerhound-Human companionship with the slogan ‘when something feels right, hold on to it’ but for some reason they have included an image of an odd plastic dog toy called the Nokia 6500 classic.

Included on the poster were some further confusing slogans; ‘NOKIA Connecting People’ and; ‘be closer, be more nokia’. Where’s the deerhound slogan? Hmmm? What’s this all about? Ahh to hang wi’it - just throw the toy and let me chase it!

I lifted my leg and walked on.


Anonymous Mike Coulter said...


Nice sentiment.

Nice dog.

Crap ad.

6:22 pm  
Blogger Loragene said...

Hey Rogue and Ricky,
Well spotted, the human's costume could use a good grooming, the Deerhound, splendid, of course. As for the toy....wonder if it squeaks?

All the best, from your Canadian IW friends,
Seamus (I turn 8 yrs. old today, Mom's giving me salmon and icecream!), Ceilidh and Kiloran.

3:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we would love to have a copy of this poster. Any idea how and where to get it (save stealing it from the bus shelter)???

5:03 pm  
Anonymous Cara said...

How the hell can I get this poster? Any Idea??
Best regards from Germany, thankx in advance for any help!
Cara PLUS 2 Scottish Deerhounds & 2 Whippets, 1 husband- all males!

2:05 pm  
Anonymous Salla said...

If someone is interested, I can tell that the ad was made in UK, so the Deerhound is probably from UK too.

6:39 pm  
Blogger Rogue said...

contact them and asked which agency provided the Nokia 6500 Deerhound dog poster for their outdoor bus shelter sites

should point the way to the poster

I’ll pursue this myself and post further details in a future blog

7:03 pm  

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