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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trust Hind Cull

Deerhounds may no longer be working for a living in the Scottish Highlands but who is doing our job now? Keppoch on the Isle of Skye is part of the John Muir Trust conservation project and the woodland area is at risk from the Red deer.

Now if I had my way as a Scottish deerhound, the risk could easily be reduced as we deerhounds know best how, but with the law being what it is in the UK today, other methods of deer control are employed.

That’s not to say we deerhounds don’t still tag along for the sake of nostalgia and here in this article culled from the John Muir Trust members newsletter, you can observe a family member with Lester Standen just along for the ‘Look See’.

Read the article to discover the humane way of deer control at Strathaird and then wonder to yourself, could a deerhound possibly assist here? . . . especially when one arrives at the third last paragrah of the article - Deerhound needed? Ah well - in a different world perhaps.

Why not consider joining the John Muir Trust - and help preserve some wonderful and truly beautiful locations on earth like Yosemite, Skye, Ben Nevis, Schiehallion to name but a few. All places that deehounds truly love. Visit here for joining information.



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