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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Edwin Megargee

These Scottish Deerhound images were rendered by Edwin Megargee (American, 1883 -1958) one of my favourite dog artists. Megargee produced many works of art, more often referred to as illustrations, depicting dog breeds of every type, usually in pose pertinent to their purpose. To read more of the artist, view some of the art or purchase prints - follow the links.

Also of interest from the Gallery featured in the first link is the Scottish Deerhound history page and links to original works of art available from the said site. There are plenty enough dog prints of canine variety to keep an Art hound happy for hours . . . Enjoy!


Blogger Minerva said...

Hi Rogue
Thanks for pointing out the lovely William Secord site, they have a great collection of pictures.
I like the Megargee pictures a lot but the one that I really love on this site is Maud Earl's 'Calling Shapes & Beckoning Shadows', which is just gorgeous.

9:11 am  

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