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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Victorian Era Deerhound passion

This image I like. Interestingly, it comes from the London Illustrated News during the Victorian Era. A period, when, due to Queen Victoria’s withdrawl from London to her purchased estate of Balmoral, a romantic interest in Scotland was nourished throughout the British Empire.

This period is one of the Deerhound history highpoints.

Whilst at Balmoral, the Queens association with we deerhounds was common place and indeed some of the worlds first photographs were of these hunting hounds. Having copies of these images, we may even seek Royal permission to reproduce them here soon.

I’ll have a word at the Braemar Gathering where Liz and the Bairns will nae doubt be in attendance. The Rogue will lounge about as Ricky Tosses the Caber and runs up the mountain side.

In the meantime - enjoy this little piece of art and detail from a London perspective of what we hounds are all about.

‘Ross, a braw dug!’


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