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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scottish Deerhound Puppy Spotter Guide

A friend from Canada sent some pics on the 12th of April of a friend in Norways’ eight little Deerhound puppies, 6 boys 2 girls and their mum! The friend has Baylind Kennel and co owns this with a partner from Croatia.

I decided to post this pic because of the strange markings on one of the little pups coat. Yes this makes it easy to distinguish it as a Scottish Deerhound with the little genuine saltire markings.

And how convenient that we post this with this comming Fridays‘ Scotland soccer match against Czech Republic in Prague. The Tartan Army will be there !

Let’s hope Croatia do well in the Euro’s and the forth-coming World cup 2010 and as for Norway - well, maybe not so well - especially when they come to Hampden on the 11th of October this year for the first of their World Cup Qualifiers. Perhaps we should meet up with ‘Baylind’.

And for deerhounds everywhere . . .

We’ll be Comin’ doon the road . . . and you’ll hear the noise of the Tartan Army boyz as we’re comin’ doon the road!



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