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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rogue, Rascal, the floods and the heart of a deer.

Hey! here in Scotland it’s rain, rain everywhere, and as they say; ‘if it keeps on raining the levee is gonna break’ and our local river is gonna add extra depth to the already flooded fields. It’s not misery for all though, Rogue and Rascal have been enjoying this ‘animals two by two’ event, and had a running riot of a time in the wash. With them creating a playground of this little haunt of our local Roe Deer, I have included a fable looking at it from the deer point of view. Enjoy.

The Deer and his mother A fable (Aphthonius 17).

A deer was being lectured by his mother, “Why do you act this way my child? You have been naturally endowed with horns, and are powerfully built, so I cannot understand why you run away at the approach of the hounds. That is what the mother said. Then when she heard the sound of the hunting dogs in the distance, she again urged her child to stand firm while she herself took of at a run.

It is easy to advise action which cannot be carried out.

Did you know - in Ancient Greece the deer was perceived as the proverbial coward (e.g. Homer, Iliad, Achiles denounces Agememnon for having ‘the Heart of a deer’), but for a deer, when you are pursued by a brace of hungry hounds - flight is no doubt the better option than to stand fast, I’m sure.


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Rogue and Rascal look they're having a great time! thanks for the pix. ljb

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