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Monday, December 27, 2010

Deerhound weather warning

We hear that some folks have had a spot of snow of late. It’s not that bad if it doesn’t reach the armpits - that’s what we say. And as for the shopping? Four paw drive will catch the supper. Just have to fetch the apples and tatties from the earth box, then dig up the parsnips and leeks from the veg patch to accompany our lovely roast venison - now where were they growing ? Was it over there - or over there ?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog

Send your deerhound to the bookshop for the boxing day sales and what do they fetch? This fantastic little book! For a fun read, and so as them dang wabbits never escape your deerhound again - Teach them Quantum Physics.

In this witty and informative book, Orzel and Emmy - the talking dog - discuss the key theories of Quantum Physics and its fascinating history. From quarks and gluons to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, this is the perfect introduction to the fundamental laws which govern the universe. And easy for deerhounds to understand - but they are the most inteligent of dogs.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Deer hound my Hart’s in the Highlands

And where else would you find this much Scottish Deerhound History on this day, unless of course Santa Claus had delivered the manuscripts to you himself. Follow this link and download the Journals of James Robertson to read fascinating account of The Scottish Highlands including the Deer hounds at work there from 1845.

Excerpts below . . .

Friday 10 October 1845
S E. Fine breezy day. A slight shower at half past 6.
The Falcon was expected at 1 and did not come till half past 6. Donald and I walked about all day on the Terrace in expectation of it. He left by it for Badenoch and Atholl; and left Buscar a deer hound of the Lord Advocate behind with me. Mr Ross breakfasted with us, and Donald liked him. Saw no one else. I am now left once more alone, sad and solitary in my den, but I look back on Donald's visit with pleasure. He is in good health and spirits and looking well; improved in manner; strong, active and not old looking. Kind and affectionate as ever. He discussed all his affairs, money matters, love passages, politics and private history of himself and friends, with all the unreserved confidence and freedom of former times. He offered me one, I think the only remaining one, of his horses; I'll keep it for him but not take it. He is generous (more suo) to others and self denying upon the whole to himself, and saving money very fast. This year his office will be worth upwards of £1200. 141 He says that John Robertson Glasgow will clear £2000 or £3000 by his business!!

It was a mistake for JR to have agreed to look after Buscar the deer hound belonging to Duncan McNeill, the Lord Advocate. No doubt there were social pressures on him to do so of which he may have been partly unaware. JR did not greatly care for dogs and was no good with them. He presumably agreed to look after Buscar to help Donald and because of the indirect pressures of the McNeill family's patronage. Buscar chased sheep on 12 October, 'misbehaved' in church on 19 October, killed a sheep on 20 November and 'dirtied the house' during the night of 7 December. JR sent the dog back to Captain Alexander McNeill, the elder brother of the Lord Advocate, on 13 December 1845.

Another Excerpt

Our friend Archy McNeill is in great distress and dolour. He came over here on Sunday with a most portentous face and his hair standing on end and and cried "I have shocking news". Bless us says I what is the matter - nothing has happened to the Laird? "No - but Buscar is dead" If it had been one of his little nephews or nieces I am sure he would bear the loss with resignation but Buscar! Buscar strangled! "By if Alexander does not dismiss that d--d rascal Doherty " Here he paused ominously, "bent his awful brows and gave the nod" Seriously the thing is very provoking - the dog was tied up by the unlucky Docherty, and struggled so hard to get free that he broke his chain - but he injured his neck so much that he died a day or two thereafter. Bran killed four stags this season almost single handed; and Forbes got a splendid and proved dog in Sutherland, but there never was and there never will be a deer hound to match Buscar.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year from Rogue and Rascal