A passionate little blog started by a deerhound dog in Scotland called Rogue ‘Brylach’ MacAllister and Passed to Rascal ‘Logan’ Dorrator Heath

Monday, August 15, 2011

A wee laff frae 1871

What? wi a bunch o bored skool kidz an’ a cupla ‘numpties’ causin’ a riot doon in Lundin an Burmingum and the likes, and haein’ thone Cameron bloke and Big Boris cancelin thur hoalidays, just to ask fer help frae the ‘Glesca polis’ to gawn bash a few heids - we thocht it a guid idea tae share a wee deerhound joke wi the wurld from 1871 tae cheer awbody up.

And for aw thae folk aroond the world who have been advised no tae come to the UK - let us tell ye no tae worry - come tae Scotland, yer safe up here - we aye hae a guid laff aboot it when ’hings gang wrang - cause what the heck - ‘It rains - it snaws - but the sun ey comes oot again‘.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Rascal Long Dog